Monitoring 24/24

Tele-surveillance is a professional technique that combines high technology and a 24/24 service to guaranty appropriate processing, whether for a burglary, fire, hold-up, medical assistance...

The security systems that we install are equipped with a digital telephone transmitter that is capable of transmitting a large number of signals to a central surveillance centre.

The addition of a continuous transmission is recommended for high risk sites. This allows the telephonic transmission to be controlled 24/24. Back-Up systems can also be implemented via a transmission by GPS/GPRS. Any failure of the telephone line (sabotage, work...) will immediately be detected and a signal corresponding to this failure will be sent to the central surveillance centre via the GSM network.  

The transmission of efficient doubt removal can also be a determining factor in the action to take. This is done by means of cameras and audio headphones. TECHPRO SECURITY provides a full service of design and realisation. For total security, we work in collaboration with different tele-surveillance companies. We offer a complete solution that is adapted to your needs.

Monitoring partner companies

  • Security Monitoring Center
  • Oktopus
  • Electronic Surveillance Center
  • Connexcenter
  • G 4 S

You can complete the tele-surveillance service by subscribing to a physical intervention contract. This service assures patrols 24/24 and/or according to your needs.