Video Surveillance

Detect any unwanted intrusion!

Each company has problem areas when it comes to security, productivity or the quality of production. But, there is nothing more simple that to install a visual control device on site or remotely (smartphone, tablet...). Don't wait any longer and contact TECHPRO SECURITY for the installation of a surveillance camera network.

In our desire to satisfy our clients as much as possible, we offer a complete range of cameras and accessories assuring:

  • interior and exterior surveillance by fixed or mobile cameras;
  • night surveillance by infrared.

Installation of surveillance cameras within the regulations of the art

We guaranty the installation of your surveillance cameras within the regulations of the art and in strict respect of the standards. Ideal, to benefit from a network of efficient, reliable and sustainable cameras.

Breakdown service 7/7

Our key values? Speed means availability! In the event your surveillance camera(s) breakdown, we guaranty the repair in a fast and efficient manner!

Interested in a video surveillance installation? Please contact us to find out more.
Video surveillance, day and night (infrared) by TechPro Security