Intrusion Alarm

Interior and Exterior Alarm TechPro Security
Prevent and dissuade possible intrusions: this is how we avoid the number of burglaries committed in Belgium.

TechPro Security designs, makes and maintains intrusion detection systems that meet the highest standards and work to measure: our experience has been at your service since 1990. We will protect the problem areas of your home.

Taking into account the structure of the environment to protect and the evaluation of the risks involved, we place detectors and contacts according to the regulations of the trade.

In the case of detection, the control unit activates local devices (audible and optical)

If you choose to be connected to a central surveillance centre - service that TechPro Security can offer - the telephone transmitter can report, in a few seconds, the information to an approved control centre. Once alerted, they enter into direct communication with law enforcement and the authorised representatives.

Finally, be aware that the intrusion alarm can be wired or wireless. There are also hybrid intrusion systems (wired and wireless). It goes without saying that the aesthetic criteria are taken into consideration.

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