Fire Detector

The security of your family also depends on a fire and smoke detector. The professionalism of TECHPRO SECURITY has been proved in detection reliability, reaction speed and precision in positioning in the home.

A large range of detectors is necessary to assure detection reliability, even in limiting conditions of use.

We propose the installation and maintenance of IONIC, OPTICAL or THERMO-VELOCIMETRIC DETECTORS.

Respect the standards of quality and security

The main factors of an efficient fire detection system? The detection reliability, the reaction speed and the precision of positioning. Not only do we always take into account the most strict security standards, the fire detection systems offered conform and meet the major criteria of a reliable system.

Connect fire detectors to an alarm control panel

For a local detection, certain fire detectors (smoke, gas...) can be connected to an intrusion alarm control panel. Result: occupants or the central surveillance centre are warned of a fire as soon as the detector sounds. You want a free quote for the installation of fire detectors? Contact our team!
Smoke detector by TechPro Security