Access control

Control the access to your building

Your company buildings have already been broken in to and you are looking for a reliable access control system to secure your installations? Excellent idea!

TECHPRO SECURITY is the partner you need.

Access control offers many advantages

In practice, the access control system registers all exterior movements at set times. Ideal, to dissuade unwanted people entering your property.

You manage a company? This device is made for you! It not only protects personnel from unwanted visits, but also avoids trade secrets being leaked.

A modular system

Access can be authorised in different ways: by the introduction of a code on a digital keypad, by the use of a badge, or by the detection of a digital fingerprint. You are free to choose the model that suits you! Most access control systems are modular and can be designed according to your needs.

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Control the access to your building with TechPro Security