Alarm systems registering

Since September 1st 2009, users of a protection system not connected to a central surveillance centre must declare via the electronic window on


Why register?

By registering means the emergency services and the police have the information needed to act efficiently and in a more targeted way. This database is only available to the Federal Police. This mandatory registration is in accordance with the regulation set by the Royal Decree dated 25 April 2007, setting the conditions of installation, maintenance and the use of alarm systems and the management of alarm control centres (Moniteur belge dated 4 June 2007).

What information needs to be provided?

The users of an alarm system must provide certain precise information:

  • Contact details of the user of the alarm system.
  • Exact address.
  • Nature of the property where the alarm system is installed (attached house, factory...)
  • Nature of the risk of the site (jewellers, pharmacy, library...)

When to register?

The users of an alarm system must respect certain deadlines to validate their registration:

  • in the 10 days following the activation of the alarm system.
  • in the 10 days following the modification of one of the mandatory pieces of data.
  • in the 10 days following the deactivation of the alarm system.


In the event of a problem on those concerned can contact FEDICT on 078/15 03 12 (4) from Monday to Friday, 8 a.m./ to 6 p.m.

Additional information: Directorate General Security and Prevention (Federal Public Department of the Interior):