• GSM / GPRS Paradox PCS-250

    5 août 2014
    The PCS-250 Communicator Module is the vital link in wireless communication solutions for Paradox control panels.
  • Personal Tracker Services

    22 avril 2014
    Via an SOS button, the (PTS) Personal Tracker Services can find the exact location of a person.
  • PARADOX NV-780 exterior detector

    22 avril 2014
    PARADOX NV-780 exterior detector is efficient exterior protection.
  • TM-50 keypad

    22 avril 2014
    The TM-50 keypad is the new generation touch screen keypad from PARADOX
  • Control your alarm system remotely

    22 avril 2014
    The PARADOX IP module enables an alarm system to be controlled remotely.
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