General Sales Conditions

Unless there is written derogation, our work is governed by the present general conditions which form an integral part of the contract and which the client is supposed to have read upon receipt of the quote.

1 - Unless separately stipulated in writing, our prices only cover the work specified in our quote and are only valid following written acceptance by the client in writing within 30 days.

2 - Our prices are a flat rate, VAT is due in addition by the client. All work not foreseen or any modification requested by the client during the execution of works will cost extra, either as a flat rate or per addition. For all dayworks, materials are accounted at the price on the day and the working hours are calculated from the point of departure to the return to the workshop.

3 - The starting date for works can be postponed by us for exceptional reasons, such as bad weather, strike, events affecting transport, organisation problems within the company (absence of personnel due to illness). These cases cannot cause the termination of the contracts by the client, nor the right to lodge an appeal against us.

4 - The contract comes into force after written confirmation by us, or from the moment its execution is started.

5 - Our prices cover the supply and the installation of devices described in our offers, excluding all other material or other installation. If these are ordered by the buyer, they will be invoiced in addition to the price stated in our special conditions.

6 - Damage caused by someone other than us, particularly by other trades, to our work in progress or completed, invoiced or not, will be covered by the client. In the case of damage, our insurance company will estimate the damage suffered by the client. Any accident must be declared by telephone and confirmed in recorded letter in the 24 hours following the incident.

7 - Generally, any claim must be made in writing and sent by recorded delivery, within eight days following delivery or within three days following the invoice being sent, attested by the date on the postmark.

Failing written specifications regarding the nature or reason for this claim, this will not be considered.

The guaranty cannot be invoked by the client unless the invoiced amount has been paid in full.

The guaranty does not apply to replacement, nor repairs that may result from:

  • normal wear and tear of batteries...
  • accidental wear caused by the buyer or a third party, particularly after work.
  • deterioration due to a power surge or disruption in the 220V power supply or the telephone line.
  • voluntary deterioration following acts of vandalism, burglary or misconduct.
  • deterioration due to influence from external natural elements such as fire, flood, lightning, earthquake, etc...
  • deterioration or accident caused by negligence, lack of maintenance or defective use of the devices.

8 - Obligations of the Client

  • Only use the installation devices within the normal conditions specified by TECHPRO SECURITY.
  • Prohibit any person outside of TECHPRO SECURITY access to the installation.
  • Take note of all events likely to ease repair works.
  • Make sure that the installation is always supplied with 220 Volts.
  • Agree to the mandatory replacement of batteries once every four years at least, and whenever there is a prolonged interruption of the mains power supply.
  • Bear the costs resulting from misuse of the installation or intervention by the authorities, police, fire service or patrols, for a reason not imputable to TECHPRO SECURITY.

9 - Costs relating to the use of a GSM/GPRS card or a telephone line are to be borne by the client.

In the event of changing operator, the client must verify that the system installed is compatible with the alarm systems; a transmission test must be made in order to verify that everything operates correctly.  

They will inform the security company by recorded letter to inform of the change of operator.  

The telephone transmission is not in the hands of the security company and the latter does not guaranty its operation.   

The security company can terminate a tele-surveillance contract when the client has not honoured its invoices. The latter will be notified by recorded letter.

10 - A deposit of 40% is to be paid at the time of making the order, before the work is started.

In the event of renunciation by the client after returning the signed order form, 30% of the quote will be invoiced. In the event of termination of the contract by the client during execution of the latter, in addition to the price of the work carried out, the indemnity due is fixed at 30% of the work remaining.  

The seller remains owner of the installation and all of its components until complete payment of all invoices, including accessories and fees, without being able to consider the installation as an asset.    

No member of our personnel is authorised to accept payments on our behalf, without express written authorisation.  

The retention of money to guaranty the correct execution is not allowed.  

All invoices are payable in cash and without discount.
Any late payment will incur charges, ipso jure, and without prior formal notice, at a rate of 12% per year, plus compensation of 17%, with a minimum of € 75.00. In addition to this interest, € 12.50 can be added to our invoices for sending a letter and € 25.00 for travel expenses. Legal costs and eventual legal fees are also to be borne by the debtor.  

Sanctions imposed to the buyer, in the case of non respect of its obligations, are also imposed to the seller similarly if its obligations are not respected.  

Any dispute must be made within one week from receipt of the invoice, by recorded letter.  

In the event the client remains in default of its obligations in the 48 hours following written notification sent by recorded delivery reporting the failure, we have the right to suspend the services, whatever they may be, without prejudice to the right to proceed with the termination of the tele-surveillance contract(s).

11 - All contracts are exclusively subject to Belgium Law.
In the case of dispute, the tribunals or the Justice of the Peace in the jurisdiction of our company will be considered competent.