Fiscal advantages

Fiscal advantages (tax reduction) for home owners

Fiscal advantages for home owners

Any taxpayer, owner or tenant, who spends money on better security for their home can benefit from a tax reduction.

Which investments are taken into account?
This concerns investments (alarm systems and surveillance systems with cameras) but also fees related to a connection to a central surveillance centre.

How much?
It is in the form of a tax reduction. You can enter 30% of your expenditure, up to the ceiling applied, on your tax declaration. The maximum amount indexed for the 2014 declaration - 2013 earnings is € 750.

What are the obligations of the taxpayer?
The taxpayer must provide FPS Finance with the following documents:

  • Invoices relating to purchases and services which are the basis of expenditure.
  • Proof of payment of the amounts mentioned on these invoices.
  • To guaranty the quality of the installation, the services must be supplied by a registered entrepreneur, which is the case with TechPro Security.

The information above is provided subject to change by the Ministry concerned.

More information?
Fiscal advantages (tax reduction) for companies

Fiscal advantages for companies

Self-employed, SME and freelance professionals who secure their offices can benefit from a tax reduction.

Deduction for investment
Investments into material connected with security are susceptible to benefit, in addition to ordinary depreciation, a deduction of 20.5%.
This deduction is made on the earnings or profit in the period which you have acquired these capital assets.

Deduction of professional fees at a rate of 120%
Fees relating to the supply of certain services realised by a security company with the intention of securing offices are deductible, as professional fees, amounting to 120% as opposed to 100% currently. This deduction applies for the year in which these fees relate.

Services giving right to a tax reduction at a rate of 120%

  • Subscription fees for the connection to an approved central surveillance centre.
  • Fees incurred with a security company authorised to carry out secured transport (reclamation of smartboxes).
  • Total fees incurred by a group of companies with an authorised security company (security consortium).

The information above is provided subject to change by the Ministry concerned.